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Here at Eclipse Integrated Systems, we pride ourselves on our world-class IT support services for small businesses. Our goal is to help save you money by preventing problems before they become an emergency. To find out if we're a good fit for you, we recommend you get started by taking advantage of a 100% free, no-obligation IT services consultation.

We'll take a look at your tech support needs and give you a fair, flat-fee quote for top-of-the-line IT services.

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Eclipse Integrated Systems is a trustworthy, reliable, world-class managed IT services company with a priority on keeping small to midsize businesses up and running to do what they do best. Providing 24/7 tech support and monitoring, Eclipse offers network management, cloud computing, cyber security monitoring, data backup and recovery, with an emphasis on the health care and private education industries. Learn more about our managed IT services and contact us today for a free network assessment to see how outsourcing your IT will save you time and money.